Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective New Members

 Not sure if the Jayco Getaway Club of Victoria lifestyle is for you? That's OK, we get that and that's exactly why we have Trial Getaways that you can attend to make sure that it's a right fit for you.

 The Jayco Getaway Club of VIC Inc provides the opportunity to attend one Trial Getaway before committing to becoming a financial member.


What is a Trial Getaway?

 No fees are payable to the club to attend a Trial Getaway. The only cost applicable to attend a Trial Getaway is the site fees for where the Getaway is being held.


Interested in attending a Trial Getaway?

 Complete the Expression of Interest Form and submit the completed form to the club via email or post. The club will contact you with available upcoming Getaways for you to choose from.


Successfully attended a Trial Getaway?

You're now one step closer to becoming a new financial member of the Club!

Once you have successfully attended a trial Getaway and you would like to join the club, email Memberships at


Club Membership

There is a one off Joining fee of $40.00 with an Annual Club Membership of $30.00 (Cost for the first year for a new member is $70.00 and then $30.00 per annum thereafter).